Gap Partners with Threadless

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Gap Taps into the Creativity @ Threadless



Gap announced this week that they have teamed up Threadless, one of the SkinnyCorp online communities.  The partnership has created an online t-shirt design competition, where the winner’s t-shirt designs are sold on and in Gap Stores worldwide.  The best, and most engaging component of this promotion is that consumers (you, me and anyone else who is interested!) can vote for their favorite t-shirt design…just like American Idol…majority rules, or at least the majority of those who know about the promotion.

I applaud Gap for embracing the creative community in such a fun promotion.  The Gap kids graphic t-shirts over the last few seasons have been superb yet I think the adult graphic T category is a much more challenging product category to master.   This promotion should identify for Gap a creative styling strategy, or at a minimum some insights into an adult graphic t-shirt creative direction that would be embraced by the Gap customer.  The question I ponder is the overlap of the Threadless community vs. the Gap consumer, however their board base marketing of the campaign should create significant awareness for the prom0tion to succeed albeit mostly online (so far!).


The co-branded marketing of the promotion is visually engaging combining enough classic GAP  with the artsy Threadless vibe.  The video promoting the partnership and promotion is charming and relevant, especially to the artistic community.  Think about it, what an opportunity for an unknown artist to be considered for a GAP T-shirt design.  Some artists may not want to be “that commercial” however I would think about how this could create amazing awareness for the individuals whose designs are chosen…worldwide awareness.


This is my favorite design…click on the link and vote!

Congrats Gap and Threadless for an inspiring promotion both artistically and from a brand perspective.