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I’m always looking for new, innovative ideas…and I love the concept of #paidmydues to promote the Audi A3.  Who doesn’t want a spotlight for a moment to say how they have paid their dues?  There are so many of us who have overcome adversity, taken that leap of faith and followed their heart or gut.  I think the concept of paying homage to the uncompromised really struck a cord with consumers and it looks like it was a tremendous community building campaign for Audi.

“It’s been inspiring to read so many accounts of individuals who have truly paid their dues to achieve success – quitting a job to pursue a lifelong dream, going back to college, overcoming illness,” said Andrew Lipman for Audi of America.

The collection of stories across all social platforms was the basis for a 6 hour live event in Santa Monica, CA with 15+ amazing creatives who reimagined the stories in mixed mediums, the result of which were auctioned off through eBay Giving Works.

Watch the #PaidMyDues video here.