Bob Marley’s 1Love


branding, inc. was honored to work with Marley family’s 1Love Foundation. Over the course of our relationship, we worked to re-shape the 1Love brand, enhance engagement and affinity between consumers and the Foundation, and to spread the word about 1Love’s mission to  help those in need around the world.

Upon our initial evaluation, it became clear that 1Love’s message needed to be clarified and focused. The overall message was BIG and POWERFUL yet what was making 1Love a unique opportunity was also creating a diluted messaging strategy. 1Love’s mission is to realize the promises that Bob Marley sang about in his lyrics, and spoke so passionately about in his interviews. Bob Marley wanted to unite a global community that would stand up and build a better world for this and future generations. It’s a BIG idea, and one that really appealed to potential partners because it wasn’t focused on any one issue (i.e. AIDS, Breast Cancer) – however the breadth of the mission also made it a more challenging marketing story.


Our first project was a 1Love Electronic Press Kit. The EPK told the 1Love story and set the tone for the updated brand image we were developing simultaneously for 1Love. We designed the piece to present the vision for what 1Love was destined to do…we wanted potential partners to genuinely embrace the idea of changing the world.


Simultaneously we worked on a 1Love brand video (above) to tell the 1Love story in moving pictures, and of course utilize Bob Marley’s iconic music. The video was crafted to take the viewer on a journey that started with Bob Marley, and has evolved into a global charity working to build a better tomorrow.  You can watch the video at the top of the page.



Our second project was the 1Love Brand Guide, encompassing an updated brand image, digital assets and guidelines for brand partners. After completing the EPK, we knew we needed elements that would create a more textural and grittier brand image…something more akin to Bob Marley’s music, history and heritage.


Our vision was to ensure the 1Love brand image included Bob Marley in both subtle and overt ways. Consumers connect with 1Love because of Bob Marley therefore weaving his image, words and lyrics into the 1Love brand was critical. We re-worked the logo to include the brand’s mantra (Youth, Planet, Peace) and “Bob Marley”; both additions were subtle but in our eyes necessary.

We worked diligently to ensure our brand and design philosophy was realized in each element that we developed for the 1Love Brand Guide. Having worked on many brand guides, we are particularly fond of this guide because we were allowed the freedom to transform the brand, and being fans of Bob Marley we had a connection and understanding of what the 1Love brand was working to communicate and achieve in the world (please click on the image below to view the 1Love Brand Guide).


We developed a signature line of apparel for 1Love that was shared with partners, at events and even social media contest winners.




As a non-profit, you are measured by the difference you are able to make in the world, the lives that you can positively affect.  We developed a booklet entitled 1Love Changing Lives to showcase the good work that 1Love was doing around the world.




We developed a stand alone website for 1Love’s Million Acts project.  This is a campaign to engage consumers to participate in the 1Love movement by collectively completing 1 million acts of kindness in a year.  The website allowed consumers to upload an image of their Act of Kindness to share with the 1Love community.   The campaign has such heart!



And over the course of the last two years Suzie has begun to consult with 1Love beyond brand development,  moving into strategic development, campaigns, social media and securing partners. One notable partnership has been with Gelaskins, who licensed the brand to create a series of 1Love device covers from phones, to tablets to laptops.


We continue to develop materials, campaigns and content for 1Love in support of numerous projects…giving the most we can to each one to ensure as much success for 1Love as possible.  1Love is an amazing Foundation working to change the world one act of kindness at a time, and we are honored to continue our association with Bob Marley’s vision for mankind.






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