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Cabbages & Roses is a quintessential English country brand known for beautifully eclectic fashion collections and inspired vintage home ranges that exude comfort and style.  branding, inc was engaged to build additional brand awareness through social media, with the objective of building buzz and overall awareness for the brand.


The social media strategy that we developed would require content, so we started by designing, developing and launching a blog for C&R.  We grew organic traffic by collaborating with established bloggers, magazine blogs, home décor mega blogs, and e-zines.  We also collaborated with Cabbages & Roses to create a schedule of content that shared more about the company, the product development process, the faces behind the brand and rewarded the audience with sneak peaks as much as possible.

Cabbages & Roses Blog


The blog proved to be an effective tool for building brand affinity with the US audience, and raised brand awareness on a global level within the blogosphere.  One high point was a blog mash-up that we orchestrated between three well-established blogs to launch a new fabric collection for C&R.  The mash-up launched simultaneously between the three blogs, and consumers were directed to click through to all three blogs to see the new fabric collections and choose a favorite pattern.  Not only was the blog mash-up successful for each blogger (and the C&R blog) but it drove thousands of new potential customers to the C&R main site over the course of the week-long online event.


As the relationship grew with C&R we took on more of C&R’s social media footprint, managing Facebook, Twitter and the blog on a daily basis. We constantly monitored the C&R Facebook page, responding to fans asking questions and commenting on content 24/7.  We developed unique promotions to drive traffic and promote C&R product, including Show Us Your Cabbage Outfit, where we asked consumers to post themselves in their C&R outfits on the C&R Facebook wall.  In under 6 months, we grew the FB audience exponentially, with more “likes” and “fans” every day.


Twitter was a great opportunity for C&R to cross-pollinate blog and FB activity. Twitter became an important tool to share more about Christina Strutt, C&R owner and lead creative, in a unique platform of bite sized information.  This coupled with company, blog and Facebook updates created a rich stream of content about the brand, and company.  The Twitter audience grew quickly to almost 2000 followers within a few months.


Cabbages & Roses Rue Magazine

As the blog began to create a buzz about the C&R brand, we explored opportunities with the new e-zines that are becoming increasingly relevant to the contemporary homeowner and woman seeking style and inspiration.  Our efforts led to a feature article about Cabbages & Roses in the March 2011 issue of Rue magazine, along with an interview of Christina Strutt.  Once again we saw a big uptick on all social media platforms with this additional exposure for the brand. (click here for the full article)

Cabbages & Roses Rue Magazine2


After creating some amazing excitement around the brand, we worked to capitalize on this brand equity by licensing Cabbages & Roses to manufacturers.  We developed a communication piece that would be impactful and immediately communicate the Cabbages & Roses opportunity to potential partners.  The EPK below generated immediate interest in multiple categories for the brand (please click on the image below to view the entire EPK). CabbagesandRosesEPK_brandingincBased on our efforts, a fabric deal was secured with Moda International, the leading craft fabric manufacture in North America, who released three fabric collections over the course of the agreement.  We developed the below brochure with Cabbages & Roses to promote the launch of the fabric collection (please click on the image below to view the entire brochure).CabbagesandRoses_Moda_brandinginc


Christina Strutt, owner and visionary creative for Cabbages & Roses, has published several title under the Cabbages & Roses brand.  We negotiated and secured a publishing deal with Cico Publishing for her new title, At Home with Country.  The book is a wonderful reflection on how the classic Cabbages & Roses style can be adapted for almost any home around the world.  Below is the cover and a page from At Home with Country.CabbagesandRoses_Cico_brandinginc Our efforts on behalf of Cabbages & Roses raised awareness for the company and their product lines, brought new C&R products into the market, and developed a strong following of brand advocates.

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