Extreme Pizza Rebrand


Extreme Pizza wanted an updated look for their brand that was more in keeping with the attitude of the brand – edgy, adventurous and gritty – Pizza + Extreme Sports.  We were asked by one of the founding partners to develop a creative pitch that would be presented to all the Extreme Pizza partners.

We loved the concept and completely understood the transformation that was needed for them to stand apart from their competition and “own” their niche in the pizza/delivery food category.  We first evolved the logo by making it more edgy and, pardon the pun, “extreme” in design, yet still highly recognizable.


We noticed that a lot of their photography was small, so we developed a coupon with a extreme closeup of a pizza with lots of fresh ingredients to showcase our strategy to put the pizzas front and center.


We also developed an advertisement that was edgy and filled with attitude to further emphasize the unique appeal of the brand and “speak” to the target audience.


This project was a fun creative exercise for our team.  Click HERE to view the full presentation.


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