Kathy Davis


Kathy Davis came to us because her brand was at a crossroads.  Her signature artwork evoked a lot of emotion, and as a leading greeting card designer with a vibrant licensing program, she wanted her brand to better represent her and her design sensibilities.

We spent a lot of time talking to Kathy and her team, and reading through her current brand presentations. Her signature soft watercolors with heartwarming expressions are a magnetic combination…one we had to help her realize in her branding.


We designed a new water-color based logo with the tag line, Scatter Joy.  This was copy that had been used for the brand, but not as an integral part of the branding.  We married this visually evocative wording to a butterfly and a hand-painted “Kathy Davis” to create a new signature logo.  The logo embodied Kathy and her brand, it moved and spoke to consumers. This logo is now seen across the United States through Kathy’s deal with American Greetings.


Kathy worked with us to develop some original artwork for the brand image building on the butterfly and “Scatter Joy” to create a signature brand pattern that we could use in other materials.  We took this plus other hand drawn elements to write and creatively develop a beautiful brochure for Kathy and her program.


Our next step was to create a sales folder that showcased Kathy’s amazing work!  Kathy’s artwork is vibrant,  and very happy so we created a folder with handcrafted elements to be true to Kathy’s aesthetic, yet pulling from the new logo the folder was kept to periwinkle and white.  The folder was further enhanced with embossed artwork to add a more textural and visual appeal to the piece.

It was a super project and we thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Kathy to bring her branding to life!




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