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After working with 1Love and successfully growing their social media presence, we were asked by the Marley Beverage Company to manage their social media efforts.  This was an exciting challenge for us because the brand was focused on Bob Marley and the Rastafarian lifestyle much more than 1Love.  We analyzed the metrics for each social platform and developed a strategy that would evolve the the focus to a Marley lifestyle brand: a relaxed, chill brand with great tasting drinks.  This move would allow us to embrace the core Bob Marley and Rastafarian audience, while also strategically expanding to include a much broader consumer group wanting a simpler more relaxing way of life.  Our efforts and new strategy were quickly rewarded with organic increases on all platforms within 30 days.



The  Marley Beverages Facebook audience was healthy when we began, yet analytics showed areas we could explore for further growth. Consumers have embraced the lifestyle approach, and both post and overall engagement have increased measurably.  We also developed and implemented multiple new FB advertising campaigns that are more Marley lifestyle driven, and even signature to Marley Beverages.  Some of our most successful advertisements featured the Marley Beverages jeeps that the field team uses to visit retail accounts.


We saw substantial growth on Twitter where we have worked diligently to engage and create viral content while still upholding the brand promise.  We developed a regular Twitter schedule that included MellowNotes tweets that inspire consumers to take a minute and reflect on their life, which have created a strong following.

Analytics revealed that the core audience is 49% female therefore we re-launched the brand on Pinterest.  We have been pinning a few hundred pins a week and the audience is growing rapidly with a great pin share ration and visit to pin ratio.  Consumers are embracing our lifestyle approach to the brand with boards titled; Mellow Notes, Serenity and Live, Love Laugh being extremely popular.  We are also honoring and embracing the brand’s legacy with boards entitled; The Legend, Bob Marley and Rastafarian which are also favorites. Again, as with almost all brand evolution, we are embracing the past yet creating a dialogue that is relevant and engaging to today’s consumers.



We also took on a facelift of the Marley Beverages website.  The site structure had to remain the same, but the design needed some updates, and we wanted to create a home for the company and brand that showcased the products. A main hub for the brand was essential to our social efforts to ensure consumers could learn more about the product line, the company, events and find the product in their local area.  Fresh graphics, clear call to action verbiage, updated content, more information about the products and the ability to find product in their community…have led to a more satisfied consumer online experience.



Marley Beverages engages in numerous POS to online retailer promotions throughout the summer months.  We were responsible for building the online pages for each promotion and managing all the online elements for the duration of the promotions.

Working with Marley Beverages is another wonderful Marley experience for us.






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