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As a young marketer, I began an amazing adventure with the consumer products division at Paramount Pictures that lasted over nine years.  As the Vice President of Global Merchandising I was responsible for the creative development of all brands and product development for traditional and non-traditional licensing projects. Following are some of the highlights:


Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurants

I worked with our partner to creatively define the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant concept, which involved everything from location design, archival film elements, menu, uniforms, merchandise and above all else the guest experience, to ensure we stayed true to Bubba’s vision and southern hospitality.  The original location in Monterey, California that opened in 1996 has evolved into a a multi-continent business now encompassing 41 locations and still growing.


Star Trek Experience

A 40M+ permanent Star Trek attraction that was built in partnership with Paramount Parks at the Hilton in Las Vegas.  Opened in 1998 it was mecca for Star Trek fans. The guest experience began with the History of the Future Star Trek museum, an amazing pathway with Star Trek artifacts that led to the state-of-the-art simulator ride, the Klingon Encounter, after which guests walked into Quark’s Bar and Emporium for dining and shopping.  This project was particularly challenging because after working on Star Trek for almost eight years I was acutely aware of the need for absolute accuracy if we were to suspend belief and transport consumers to another dimension for a few hours!


Star Trek Style Guide

Star Trek was one of the first brands to release a digital style guide with 100% digital assets.  The Star Trek licensing program is an enormous global franchise and I felt it was important that a true “bible” be created and distributed worldwide to ensure brand accuracy and uphold a consistent brand image for Star Trek.  The Star Trek The Next Generation Style Guide was one of the first entertainment digital guides with an amazing breadth of graphics, elements and breathtaking space scapes for our licensees to utilize, and truly raise the creative and authenticity level of their product lines.


The Busy World of Richard Scary 

I was fortunate to work with Huck Scary, Richard Scary’s son, on the Richard Scary television show and the licensing program.  Being British, the European feel and sensibilities of Richard Scary quickly made it one of my favorite programs.  From the development of a television series to product lines, the Richard Scary program flourished to the evergreen program it is today.


Paramount’s theatrical releases created even more adventures for me with everything from Mission:Impossible, to Braveheart, Wayne’s World  and even Clueless!





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