Red Hat Society


The Red Hat Society (RHS) is an amazing organization that empowers and brings together women in friendship. We consulted with them on the overall strategy for the organization and also worked with RHS to re-brand the organization. They have been an amazing client and we are proud to have worked with an organization that has such an upbeat message for women.

Our initial consulting work gave us insight into the foundation of the organization and the company behind it, so when it came time for rebranding, we were already ahead of the curve.

One of the key reasons for embarking on a re-brand was to appeal to a broader audience nationally and on a global basis.  We evaluated the existing brand image and crafted two key suggestions –  that we make the brand visually more feminine, and that the “voice” be warmhearted, inclusive and encouraging.  The Red Hat Society team agreed with our direction and we began to develop the Red Hat Society Branding Tool Kit, a digital brand guide with a complete portfolio of digital assets for the organization and its many partners.

We organized a photo shoot to generate a sassy collection of images of the founding members of the organization, Queens and members.  The shoot was a riot and the photography really brought our creative to life.


The Red Hat Society Tool Kit covered a breadth of work with assets for the RHS team, licensees and promotional partners.


Once the RHS Took Kit was complete we moved on to RHS Membership Kits to truly realize the brand image and attitude with their key consumer touch piece.  Below are some of the elements that went into a membership kit – membership cards, handbook, charter and letterhead for both Red Hatters and Queens, the two layers of members.


We also collaborated on numerous additional areas with the Red Hat Society from their website, to promotions and partner projects.  Having worked closely with the Star Trek Fan Club at Paramount it was interesting to see the similarities yet also gain a great understanding for the “sisterhood” and nuances of women’s organizations.


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