The Shops at Target

By Posted in - branding & Marketing on January 19th, 2012 1 Comments

Target’s New In-house Co-Branding

I’m a big fan of Target’s branding efforts and their passion for showcasing brands that they believe will appeal to their consumers.   Enter stage left – The Shops at Target (The Shops at Target commercial), their latest venture to bring brands/design in-house that will launch chain wide and online May 6th 2012.  

The assortment of shops seems to represent some of their core categories.  The first five shops are; The Webster, The Candy Store, PolkaDogBakery, Cos Bar and Privet House .  I’d guess that most of the branded shops are NOT nationally know by Target customers.  However, the wonderful style and appeal of the chosen brands should quickly endear themselves to Target consumers.  A total of 400 products uniquely designed for Target by these curators of style will create quite an exciting event in-store (and online) for Target in May.  I personally can’t wait!

I think its commendable that Target continues to evolve in the mass market arena.  Their commitment to reinvent and invigorate with design and product assortment in order to reach beyond the traditional mas market customer is almost enchanting to watch.  Hmmmm…what stores will be in The Shops Fall 2012 line up?


P.S. Here is the official Target press release from Privet House, one of the new partners.