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Yes, yes social media is a part of modern culture and a necessary component of any businesses’ marketing and consumer strategy.  However, I’m feeling a little blogged, Twittered and Facebooked out these days…. collectively they have become a very hungry monster that needs to be fed regularly, or, let’s face it, why bother with them at all!  I jest because as a company we are committed for us, and for our clients, to social media…we bow down to our love hate relationship.  Today, however, I read about Strings, the potential progeny of Facebook and Twitter on Urban Daddy.  Conceptually very cool, love the idea of Strings…but seriously I had a hard time clicking on the link for fear I would be overtaken by the needs of another social media pet!  I do recognize that these social media outlets all have different vibes and drive different results collectively and separately.  Yet I ask, how many social media outlets does one/business need?  Do we strive for the cutting edge and try all the new options, or do we hold back and stay with the tried and true until an upstart shows a majority adoption by others?   I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts.

Best,  Suzie

In theory, I think this will totally suit the tweens and teens who want everyone to know everything about them… because they like to talk about themselves and can’t see beyond the tip of their own noses! Even though we all know, surprisingly, that statistically there are more female FB users than male, and the 35 and over club are the fastest growing segment for social networking (still). That said, this is going to be an interesting new social endeavor, and may even push its popularity into the forefront for the “older” demo’s since Strings’ distinction lies in the social tracking of things that you do AWAY from your computer. Hmm… shopping, movies, TiVo, places you’ve visited… all at your disposal. Sounds familiar. Here’s the caveat… it’s got a lot more focus on filters, so you can narrow down your information and share only with your closest peeps, or no one at all. Sounds simple, conversational, and open. But I’m with Suzie on this one. Are we entering social media overload? Or should this be considered stream lining? Because I’m thinking, who really wants to know what I TiVo’d last night, or what I bought on Amazon at 3am? But I’m just sayin’… tennis anyone?

– Suzanna