The Importance of Brand Strategy

By Posted in - branding on January 1st, 2017 0 Comments

There are numerous articles about brand development, and the constantly evolving lexicon of brand terms and how best to define them.  However, I recently read a few great definitions of ‘brand strategy’ in Branding Magazine that I wanted to share, and I also recommend reading the full article too, The State of Brand Strategy.

‘Brand strategy’: Defining what the brand stands for and what actions will be taken to have consumers see the brand as being for them. ~ Matt Biespiel, McDonalds (former)

A brand strategy hones in on that one core truth that is at the essence of the organization and sets the direction for how the brand will activate that core truth. ~ Jonathan Copulsky, Deloitte

brand strategy is the process by which you establish a winning game plan to build relevance and differentiation in a marketplace. ~ Garret Putnam, SAS

I respect and relate to all of these answers and really enjoyed the articles’ deeper discussion about the importance of brand strategy. I’m now off to read more Branding Magazine Roundtables!