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I began my journey as an entrepreneur a decade ago!  Leaving a global entertainment studio to chase my dream was a big decision but I knew I wanted to make my mark on the world.  I see the world through my “brand glasses” and I love the view.  I’m intrigued by consumer behavior and the ever evolving trends, fads and classics.  And, most importantly I love connecting consumers and brands, creating relevancy and evolving brands into an essential part of a consumer’s lifestyle.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary we embarked on a creative overhaul of ourselves…one of the hardest projects I’ve ever done.  Coming out of licensing our website has always been about our licensing clients even though we were doing so much more in branding, marketing, social and press & PR.  Our evolution, our update, our new look has put our work front and center.  I encourage my clients to be relevant to their target audience so in a way our facelift was about doing the same for us.  Showcasing my journey, our company’s journey and the expertise, knowledge and passion we offer our clients on a daily basis.  I’m very humbled by the opportunities that have come my way over the years, and as I look to the future I know its bright and full of new adventures.

We hope you enjoy the new site…and as we always say, feedback is welcome.

Life’s a journey!