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Tory Birch – Knowledgeable CEO

A CEO who commands a good understanding of social media marketing is a wonderful thing!  I recently watched Tory Burch’s speech from last Fall’s WWD CEO Summit, and wanted to share the TOP TEN SUPER STATEMENTS that she made, at least the ones that resonated with me.

“Social Media is an integral part of our narrative.”

#1 – Integration – WOW, she gets it!  Social media is a key component of a brand’s narrative, better yet a brand’s interactive dialogue…loved hearing this.

“We have built a passionate community. We have built one that has a two way conversation everyday.”

#2 – 24/7 – She gets, embraces and supports the concept of an ongoing dialogue, and she shares a genuine caring for her customers thoughts, opinions, ideas and information.

“Posts have to be in our own voice. They can’t be forced, promotional or boring.  People respond to authenticity.”

#3 – My #1 rule because in the branding world your POD (Point of Differentiation) is driven by your voice.

“We share things that inspire us and entertain us.”

#4 – Brand Depth – She understand that no one wants TB 24/7 and sharing posts about other interesting topics is important…as long as they have a dotted line back to the brand.

“We choose to be an “open” brand.”

#5 – Transparency – its 2012 and being transparent with your customers is the only way to go…drag out the gossamer and the the voile…invite your customers IN.

“Toryburch.com transports our customers into our world….  We have created one destination where commerce meets content and social media puts everything into real time.”

#6 – One Home – don’t make your fans/customers hop around the web to see all of you…bring it together in style.

“We want our fans to experience what we experience.”

#7 – Peak behind the Curtain – This comment was in regards to a behind the scense look at the first Tory Burch runway show, which was a huge success as fans could watch some of what was going on realtime.  Bring your customers into your world…the more you share the more they will, and in social media “sharing” is key.

“We launch new products by telling the story behind them and avoid gratuitous promotion to get our numbers up.”

#8 – Story Telling – would you be intrigued by a purse or store that was shrouded in a romantic or nostalgic story or would you rather just have the purse shoved at you?  Its not really a question.

“We are curious about new technology, innovations and social sights.  We want to understand our customer and what she is using.”

#9 – Early Adopters – I think its critical to be aware of new technologies that are relevant and/or targeted to YOUR target demographic…especially if you have some influential early adopters.  Pace yourself…be aware and adopt when mastered.

After speaking about a Japanese Tsunami relief T-shirt that was designed, developed and sold – “It is one of these moments that we realized just how deeply social media impacts our brand and how if we speak to her our customer will help us do something incredible.”

#10 – Customer Appreciation – Throughout her speech Tory showed great reverence, respect and understanding of her core customers, and that TOGETHER they were building the TB brand…great words to hear from a CEO.

Here is a link to the whole speech (don’t need to listen to questions at the end of her speech a bit muddled).  Great to watch!